something about me


My name is Joanna and people with this name have the gift of waking human souls out of sleep! Joanna’s best match with the scorpion sign that’s why everything fits 🙂
I love to look at the world and get inspiration from it. I love places I’ve seen, people I’ve met and places and people I will meet and which I will see, it’s like an intriguing game worth waiting for. I love to watch human emotion and to look into their soul, because the soul is unique. I love the pages of books, for their smell I love dreams because dreams show me what I probably would never see, and of course I love my cat Jamajca her name is as free as I have free nature 🙂
I did different things but you can not fool your destination 🙂  All life with the camera let me love it with all my heart….
and that’s Who I am 🙂
the vision Beauty is every detail, every little moment, every gust of wind which blows your hair. These little things unnoticeable are sometimes part of something big. These are emotions that I want to keep for myself, for you and your loved ones. If there is a recipe for happiness, then in my eyes it is everything that I see and what I want to show you.
location I was born in Poland and I’m Polish but I live in Sicily, that’s why I am part of the world and I will go everywhere where there is something special to show.

“Photography is not related to looking but feeling.

If you do not feel anything in that what you are looking,

you never fail to make the people looking at your pictures feel anything.”